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The Blizzcon 2015 semifinal, Ostkaka vs Thijs, was the one of the best series, if not the best, I ever witnessed. Both Ostkaka and Thijs showed the highest level plays at the World Championship. As mentioned by the casters, this is hearthstone at it’s best!
The Freeze Mage Mirror match (Game #4) is my favorite game during the series alongside with the last game.

Enjoy the video!
Watch the whole Ostkaka vs Thijs series at Hearthstone channel ► https://goo.gl/AWuovm

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'In my opinion', he had the coin advantage (which allows for early Alextraza or additional fireball with Antonidas) and also did the brilliant self-ping move but lost because he didn't include fatigue dmg in his calculations early in the game. I mean, freeze mage mirror almost always comes down to fatigue, so you have to consider the fatigue since the beginning.

This play wasn't clever at all guys. If Ostkaka was supposing that thijs had two fireball and one frostball (which he was surely supposing because he counted the cards played), then he should have alextraza his face this turn. Thijs wouldn't have had lethal and would have been forced to kill the alextraza with his burst or at least freeze it. Then Ostkaka would just have to healbot then. He would have lost too, but it was definitely the play. It was clearly a missplay and no one here seemed to be able to see it.


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