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Kolento’s deck list:


I'm liking the murlocs version better tbh. this is still a solid deck though.

it's a shame that cubelock caught on the way it did as I was loving that deck before it became popular, I even helped in the making of the initial deck in hearthpwn before there was even a 25 damage combo.

means right now everyone techs against this deck, so I must play something else.

play the meta, pick decks that are not as popular, with strange choices and you won't get countered as often.

Any one else completely burned out on HS? I mostly played arena and it's completely and utter broken by coinflip gameplay, high roll rng etc. And constructed is far too expensive for new decks. I'm done buying packs, the whole thing is a ripoff. It's also a lot like gambling now, rolling the one armed bandit game after game. I'm done giving them my money.


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