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Hearthstone: Ranked Hunter Gameplay

Hearthstone is an amazingly fun and addicting trading card game created by Blizzard. In this episode we play a few games, and open some packs!

You can try to get a beta key here: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/

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You're not good enough to be posting gameplay of this game. At the very least have some knowledge of the mechanics and cards beyond the basics.

You have no idea how to play this game, no late game, no math, way to aggressive, no combos, and you have no idea how to do a proper rush down with a hunter. BTW Paladins and Mages have a lot of AOE removal skills when u have a deck like this you leave yourself vulnerable to that, I don't know how the hell u made it to that rank. Oh and 'lucky/unlucky draw' its just an excuse for bad players. Try bad play.

David I main hunter in Hearthstone and I have to say your hunter deck is worst then my starting hunter deck that's how bad it is. You don't have any late game, tracking sucks. You need the essential traps a hunter needs to wipe a rush deck out like explosive shot. I suggest crafting king crush it's a 9 mana for an 8/8 with charge add hound master and dire wolf alpha with timber wolf it's gg you have an op taunt that can one shot any monster.

David you have good early game but you're late game is lacking on the hunter deck you need some late game punch more then anything and you have to watch you're card advantage/disadvantage its not to good when you only have 1 card in your deck while he has a full hand and when a enemy hunter has a secret always amuse its a explosive trap and not lay down a bunch of 1s until you find out what it is. just some friendly advice though love your hearthstone vids man


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