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Hearthstone April 2016: The Hearthstone Season 25 begins! Another run to become a Hearthstone Legend and to face the best Hearthstone Deck April 2016. Well, the best Hearthstone decks, of course. 🙂

Hearthstone LoE Dark Peddler Zoo Warlock Deck in constructed: Educational Peddler Zoolock (ranked gameplay on the road to legend (rank #1) at ranked ladder in S25. Learn how to get better and how to improve your decision making by watching an all-time legendary player. 🙂

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Welcome back Dorgan! Loved seeing that braindead secret pally just going for face get punished.
A question, you seem to play the old zoo style where it maxes @ 5 mana/loatheb with 2 doomguards. What are your thoughts with Chinese zoo and the more midrange type? Those running like Mecho, gormuk, 1-2 Sea giants, AND boom. I am actually atm playing in between with 1 sea giant, 1 doomguard+1 leeroy, 1 iron dwarf but if xpac/modes weren't coming out so soon I'd probably craft a MECHO and gormuk to place the other doom guard. I've seen so many clutch moments brought by mecho, a good win condition.

Also I am noticing, especially in the last few tournaments people are using dbl argent over IMPs. Atm I run 1 imp 1 argent.

There's plenty of games the more mid power helps, but the downside is especially against control it can play sometimes slower when you need to end the game quickly. I think overall I prefer the midrange type zoo though.

on 1:58 i think you made a slight missplay. U used a abusive seargent on sir finley ( not a real threat ). Ff you would have played voidwalker that turn and saved abusive you would have countered his next turn.

Welcome back! Great content as usual. Have you tried a Reno *Dread*Lock deck? Been playing one for a season and a half. Loving it. Can link you my current build on hearthpwn if you'd like.


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