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Hearthstone Arena | Kripp fights back against Arena snipers
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I'm sorry but it's not that crazy at all. What do you expect for being the number one most watched streamer in a game. Of course this stuff is gonna happen all the time. Crazier things have happened and probably will happen to you.

Imagine spending this much time, and investing this much effort, just to very temporarily get onto a stream and snipe Kripp

You could probably do some pretty cool shit as a collective if you weren't so retarded

Have you ever thought of cutting your hand out of the stream. I mean is your hand that entertaining to the viewers? Surely the gameplay and your commentary is what they come for?

An entire Sniper guild setup just for Kripp, that's pretty awesome. Not awesome that he's being sniped but awesome that he's famous/popular enough to have an entire guild of people willing to work that hard just to snipe him personally. Kinda jealous TBH, I'd love to be that popular of a gamer IMO.

Pretty funny clip, sorry Bob.

Real Entertainers could stream with delay. Only those skillfree Twitch Morons nowadays need live chat to entertain anybody. Just a bunch of greedy skillfree fucks. I hope Hearthstone dies sooner than later and all those morons disappear into nothingness because they are nothing of value

Wow. A group of people organizing and working towards sabotaging a person with no agenda other than to provide (if you want) free content and entertainment -withing computer games. A person they obviously follow themselves. That kinda sums up why humanity is doomed, unless we get some sort of screening process going as to who gets to live. Seriously. How brutally sad, pathetic and cruel can a human being get.
If YOU are one of those sniping him, well, the best thing you can do for this world is to disconnect, throw away you PC, buy a reasonably sized cardbox, and live in it in solity under a bridge, and never talk to anyone ever again. That's how useless a human you are.

Dude you make money playing video games it's a trade off if you don't want to get stream sniped stop streaming. Otherwise take the money you make and put up with it, I'm sure anyone that plays the same games you do would gladly take the money you make and gladly get sniped.

Stream sniping should be allowed. You are broadcasting your hand to the whole world. Imagine playing hold em and playing with your cards face up and then complaining that the other players are looking at your hand.

How to avoid sniping.
Hide the game screen until you've been matched, don't let anyone know when you're in queue.
Don't let anyone know which server you're on if it's a public server.
Only keep people you actually know and trust on your damn friends list.

If you get sniped, it's because you're an idiot.
Same rules apply to doxing. You don't give out your personal information, do you?


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