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Hearthstone KotFT | Review & gameplay of the Hallow’s End themed Tavern Brawl
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The Witch I found to be the most fun. I had the worst time trying to beat him with the Pirate. The Cat was by far the easiest for me. One of my runs I had gotten corruption and it still killed the 2/35 head on my following turn.

I wtf at the cat play. It was easiest to me and I unlocked brawl with just 10 hours left at the brawl time it's: Attack with 1/1 cats the enemy -> enemy survives? No problem have a 1/1 for cat that died. Cats was 1st attempt win, witches too and I tried 3-5 times at pirates before I won it.

I thought the beast one was the easiest, just slightly easier than witch. I had almost a 100% win rate with the cats. At least how i played it, i constantly cleared the board with low cost 1/1's that would respawn new 1/1s for next turn. Eventually the boss would run out of cards and i would flood the board with big minions like highmane and tiger i got in hand. At that point hes top decking, i got an almost full hand and a full board of strong beasts. Was very easy to replicate.Witch was pretty high winrate for me as well, however sometimes i would get rushed down before the hero power could really take affect. Now pirate was trash, maybe i just didnt smorc enough with it but it really didnt work for me.


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