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Permanent Baron Rivendare in a for once AWESOME brawl! Enjoy!
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I played ancestral spirit and reincarnate it destroyed when I played nerubian egg on turn 2 then on turn 3 coin ancestral sprit + reincarnate. You get 3 eggs and two 4/4 4/4's. Also gets value from Sneed's, Sylvanas, Belcher, and Cairne.

I understand that tavern brawl was supposed to be fun. But why get mad at a guy for trying to win? That's the point of every hearthstone game right? That was confusing to me.

To Be Honest I feel like this Brawl is more for the Pay to Win players cause not everyone who does F2P have the Nox expansion cards so they might have a difficulty if trying to play this brawl properly

Rage what have the masters of the universe done to you???????   The Deathlord  was NOT a good card with this particular Hearthstone Brawl my friend.  I was disappointed about Baron not doubling up, it was my first thought when I had seen the brawl rules this week.

People are going to hate me, but that wasn't even close to face hunter. Highmanes aren't run in face hunter, and neither is freezing trap. Not to mention Feign Death, Argus and Nerubian Eggs are not run in any hunter lists pretty much. And you're complaining about not being fun while putting Leper Gnomes in your deck. If you have a Leper Gnome, there is nothing you can say about the opponent that isn't slightly hypocritical. So while I love watching your videos, sometimes tone down the high horse thing a bit because it is annoying and often not logical.

And now I'm going to get disliked to oblivion for daring to disagree.

i hate people who take tavern brawl so seriously like there trying to get up to legend ranks. my first game of this someone was using a full legendary deck 😀 Thats how you play tavern brawl.


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