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hey hermie! i have a question to ask.is it worth it to buy the solo adventure with gold or should i spend the gold on packs? i would say i am a casual player, i have most the cards you reccomend on your videos except the ones from adventures but 700g per tier seems a bit much to me!

I don't really understand why you consider that Brann Bronzebeard wouldn't trigger things such as bgh twice, it just says "your battlecries triggers twice", to me it means that you just "read" the text written after battlecry twice, which means that if for example you use abusive sergeant, you basically have the arrow aiming at a minion that you get when you play simply abusive, then another one after you selected the target of the first effect.

I could understand why it would only double the effect on a single target, and I obviously have no proof it works this way, but if you simply read the cards text, it pretty much means that you get to use the battlecry effect twice, and if you can target something once, you can target twice, which lets you select different targets.

Great review guys! I like how you have been objective with all the cards, even let's shall we say some of the bad ones. Also, there are some uses that I didn't even think of with Bronzebreard like with the drakes and such. I hope to see more videos like this in the future!

Why the fuck would you want low cost minions with battlecrys to be Demons!? That would actually nerf Voidcaller and Bane of Doom. With those two cards, you want to pull out big, impactful demons. Blizzard knows this and so they purposely made these weak little minions not demons.

First video I watched. Is there any chance you'll drop the whole 'Herminator' thing? I find that sort of thing from Youtubers to be obnoxious. It's something I'd expect from someone targeting children whereas the content is definitely not totally suitable for children. It also makes it feel like you're being exclusive, since you're addressing people that identify as a 'Herminator'.

Creating meaningless nouns and verbs based on your own name is utterly cringe-worthy.

I disagree that Entomb is bad for constructed. It's an answer (expensive) to Shredder, but at least it's an answer. It is the only reliable answer to Ysera and Malygos. And it can handle any other major problem based on the board state. It's going to steal a ton of Dr Booms and Sylvanas as well.

Anyfin Can Happen can also summon 7 Old Murk-Eyes if that is the only murloc you put in the deck and sacrifice him. That would mean it can deal 7*8=56 damage from an empty board. Which is quite alot. We'll probably see a Trolden video about it

good review of the new expansion, however HBthegreat swears regularly for no reason sounding super trashy and durabilicious needs a cam as the image is simply annoyinto see for a whole 2 hour vid.

No thetr isn't a twist on the hat. Your is always yours, the person who cast. Like Blessing of wisdom. If it said add it to its owners hand that might make sense.


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