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One of the wildest arena games that shows what the upcoming format might be like.
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Months later the thing are completly diferrent, standart is dominated for more broken and unffair card like de 4 mana 7/7 and in wild are dominated for more control – midrange skill players, kripp was wrong again

Blizzard are money-grabbing. Anyone paying money for packs from now on are fueling Blizzard's greed. They should balance old cards instead of retiring all of them. There are many well-balanced old cards that should stay relevant.

Honestly i think Krip should be on the balance team. What he says when he discusses what cards he think should get buffs and nerfs always seems to work, and explained it perfectly. Good job on this video man!

I think you have it backwards. Eternal formats in card games (with rotations and minimal power creep) become brutally consistent. Since consistent will win over RNG every time, people will make consistent decks. With a massive card pool it becomes easier to create insane synergy among all your cards.

Wild won't be very wild. It'll just be the majority of people playing the best deck at the time and the rest of the people trying to find a better deck or playing whatever they want to. Just like it is now.

Kripp really has changed for the worse. Always salty and sour over opponents "luck" and now when he got thaurissan from portal he is being so smug about it "good try, bro". He can't even acknowledge his own luck.

"i wanna play a game where i want win or lose based on better player" -> RNGstone 2016 Elegiggle
Bro this game will never be like that.. you should play something else if you wanna play skill based games


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