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As we reach the end of the October season, I move back to Priest – this time with dragons.
2:50 Saving Dragonfire for the wave of demons.
7:05 Brann + Kazakus is broken enough. How about Dream and Kazakus (7:25 8:17)
9:01 Usually, getting Doomsayer back from the Kazakus potion would cause panic. In this game, I really didn’t care 🙂 I wanted to see how long it would take before my opponent conceded!
15:55 When being faced down by a board full massive threats, Lightbomb comes…

great video !
I tried the deck after watching your video and I agree with you that it feels slower than the normal reno priest. I get the logic behind the dragon build but honestly don't think its needed, I think if you get to the late game you much rather be able to secure the win with the combo than by grinding out more value especially since this build is a bit less consistent at cycling than either the cycle heavy version or the N'Zoth version. That said I do have a special place in my heart for the operative 🙂

priest is my favorite class, this deck is amazing, ty for the highlighs.
would you make a video with a dk inspire priest? its a really strong and funny deck with confessor paletress and nexus


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