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I pulled PD Isaiah THREE TIMES (no joke, I can post the Reddit link if u don't believe me)

I'm stoked I just got Diamond McHale and Ruby Artest this week
already got Amy Johnson (three times),
Amethyst Ama're Stoudemire
USA Kyrie & USA Klay (twice)
Oh and USA Lowry (which sucks)

Your math is flawed, ur not avg. anywhere CLOSE to 500mt a game and I wouldn't say u pull 500-1000 mt cards very often, maybe 1 every 3-4 WINS (not games). I've played nearly 2,000 games on BT.

Why tf do you have a huge overlay that has no info on it. Two logos your channel name, two arms and text saying subscribe. Please take that off it's terrible

you said 500mt profit every 8 minutes. Lets say you play roughly 7 games per hour including searching and loading times. That's 3,500 per hour. That equates to 21,000 in 6 hours. Now lets say some games you lose as your record is roughly 2/3 wins so roughly 2 of those 7 games you make only 350 for those two, that means 3,200 per hour. This equals 19,200mt in 6 hours. This is also suggesting that games don't last over 8 minute and that wait and load times only last a minute or two tops and that you also have to buy contracts for around 50mt per game which really means you're earning even less and let's also remember the average player is gonna have a win percentage of around 50% so after 6 hours you may only get like 15kmt. if you pull 3 kobe's in a box when they were going for 50kmt each that's a crazy potential of 150kmt (plus the other cards in the box could be another 10k+) earning where as blacktop the best you might make in 6 hours is 30kmt.

this is a good strategy for people who either can't or don't want to spend money on the game! no way I'm playing that crappy mode for 6 hours straight just 30k mt it's not worth it! I'll take my chances of opening packs and getting good players to sell, thats much quicker

People don't play MyTeam Blacktop because of the gameplay. It's cancerous like the park because people just zig zag and your AI is so dumb and leave people open from 3.

ive got many rewards and mt playing blacktop.. RubyTerry Cummings, David West,Eddie Jones, Ron Harper.. Sapphire Team USA Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Kyrie Irving, Kyle Lowry, Deandre Jordan and plenty emeralds

One might earn 'a good amount' of mt from blacktop but…But the gameplay there, or more like the opponents, are such a cancer with their cheesing I rather go and clean my apartment than waste my time with that cancer of 2K community. And I don't lower myself to cheesing so no, don't come to with some "LOL, cheese back at them then"-like comments. I play 2K because I like basketball, I mean the real looking basketball, so I won't lower myself onto that cancer level and start just shooting threes and other dumb and idiotic stuff like that. I just hope 2K would create a seperate little corner of the servers for those cheesing piece of shits where they could cheese against each other and let us real basketball fans play against each other in another corner.

Bro, my tip for blacktop its use a bronze Card! You pay 5 contracts for 40MT and this is great! amethyst players You gonna pay 600MT, and If u have a bad player on your squad on blacktop, they probably gonna give u great cards, including Amethyst, Diamonds, etc.

Question I got Terry Cummings and amare Stoudemire on level 8 but I just went to level 9 and they also popped up as prizes. so I'm confused and I'm wondering if what happens if I get those players again on the board cause I know you can't sell prizes


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