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In this video I take a look at a couple of upcoming team-based shooters: Paladins (Hi Rez Studios) and Overwatch (Blizzard Entertainment).



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You should really let people know that you are making this video being 100% biased towards Hi-Rez lol. You have close to 8 minutes of Paladins footage filled with different modes highlighting the game, which is great. Yet you have barely over 1 minute of Overwatch footage containing false claims that its a hectic Call-of-Duty clone as well as featuring a push with perhaps the dullest character to watch in Overwatch, Lucio. Having played both of the games they are two different games with a couple unfortunate ripoffs of characters involved, but its really fucking annoying that you try to make a video unjustfully bashing a great game for no reason without having the balls to say that you simply dont give a fuck and are simply a Hi-Rez fanboy, which would be totally ok.

"Open battlefield where you can have more strategic warfare" aka you are slow and prefer slow games. Open maps aren't any more strategic than small maps, you just have more time to react and can see enemies coming from further away.

I like how people will lose their minds over blizzard getting ripped off but will defend the likes of warcraft and starcraft which were blatantly ripped off warhammer/40k.

God Paladins is crap. Everyone trying to say that Paladins did it first and Blizzard ripped them off. Meanwhile Overwatch is just concepts from Blizzard's game TITAN being re-purposed, a game from 2008, ya know, a couple years before Paladin's was even though of.

Ok, so let's look at some examples of character from the 2010 game Global Agenda, which Paladins was supposed to be a sequel to and was originally called Global Agenda 2, with work started back in October 2012, and compare them to overwatch's characters. GA has Assault class with Jet pack and rocket launcher. OW has Pharah with Jet pack and Rocket. Ok it's similar, many games have this combination, it must be a coincidence. GA Sniper with Zoom, power up, poison mine, and an enemy wall hack ult. OW Widowmaker, Sniper with Zoom, power up, poison mine, and an enemy wall hack ult. Huh that's weird that's completely the same, it must be a coincidence, or great minds thinking a like, even if there's a large time difference between releases. GA Robotics with shotgun and a turret with hammer. OW Torbjorn with a shotgun and a turret with hammer. Well that's three characters who overwatch has had similar to Global Agendas, and as Paladins was supposed to be a sequel it would make sense for it to be similar. But overwatch isn't a sequel to Global Agenda, how weird. Okay but what about the gametypes, overwatch offers up 3 main game modes; Escort, control and Assault. This is in Paladins meaning it must directly be a copy of overwatch. But wait, these modes are also found in Global Agenda, WHAT?!? And in TF2, as well as many other game modes. So yes it's possible overwatch didn't take anything from Global Agenda but to say Paladins is a rip off of overwatch when there already such a similarity to Global Agenda, as it is supposed to be a sequel/reboot of. So how's that for research. (Also in reality we have to say that all these games are just different versions of Team fortress, so saying it's based off of overwatch is just silly).

Whats funny is that reindhart reminds me of medic in mann vs machine, german, has a shield, can easily be killed by something that can deal lots of damage from far.

while the only thing fernando has in common with reindhart is that he has armor and a shield

Reindhart was NOT the first video game character who could make a shield to protect his teammates

My opinion on Paladins is its meh, it's not really anything special but its definitely isn't complete trash. My opinion on Overwatch is, it's and pretty fun and addictive game that kept me hooked until recently, when I started getting bored with it.

I'm sure this game is fun to play in its own way and shares comparisons between Overwatch and itself, but it'll never be as polished and as rich in quality compared to that of Overwatch. Although people argue that the game characters are similar, it's known withing the gaming industry that characters often get plagiarised from other games, which is fine, although Paladin's characters share such a strong resemblance that it's almost a direct copy from Overwatch, this I believe is just unoriginal and thievery.

I guess why people make the reference is because some of the abilities and characters look alike. That knight guy looks like Reinhardt. That bow and arrow guy's boy looked almost identical to hanzo.

To all of the people in the comments get off of the Overwatch train and use your brain a little, Both games are from the same Genre and they are ALIKE, They take inspiration from probably the same sources. And yet everyone is saying Paladins copied Overwatch. That is absurd since its more along the lines of Paladins looked at Overwatch and made there game better by taking inspiration and polishing there game. You guys act like its new that companies do this and yet this has been happening for years.

overwatch really isn't twitchy though… unless you play tracer or 76, also im kinda surprised how you didnt comment on how similar the characters are, that knight guy feels like a perfect rip off of reinhardt if you ask me

I wish Hi-Rez released a new Tribes instead of trying to wrestle out with Blizzard and 2k… I know it sounds stupid, especially when you look at something like cod, but… if it ain't broke, don't fix it; or change it; or end it.

Nearly a year old video by now, but still somewhat relevant I feel considering Paladins is being promoted in the E3 ticket Humble Bundle… The designs look way too similar in my opinion, at least considering the two glaringly obvious ones of the mech with a forcefield, jumpjets, and two weaker turret guns, as well as the melee-focused dude with the projected shield in front of it (D.Va and Reinhardt). Who ripped off who, who knows, but I reckon Overwatch was, is, and will be the one most people will get since it looks the… 'safest', I guess?

I've been playing the Paladins closed beta and its really fun. I love the fact that its less frantic than Overwatch (as you said). i prefer paladins after playing the overwatch open beta because the style suits me more but overwatch is a damn good game

people, overwatch costs 40euro but if u want origins or deluxe edition its 60 and paladins is a f2p game but you have to buy the heroes and to get cards will suck and overwatch has all heroes for free and you get a loot box after every level up maybe you can buy them later but didnt heard anything of that.

Lol, who was first, the design similitude are jaw dropping;

Tank with ''force field'' shield, check
Healer with staff, check
DPS in Mech, check
Support building turret dwarf. (lol even his gun has a lava'ish look), check

Who's gonna sue who?

Well now there is a big difference, you have to buy each character in paladins seperately now (in beta you will still have access to everyone up to ying (new hero)) so id say that overwatch is obviously better as it was before and paladins is just getting worse for the player 😛


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