NBA 2K17

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I do like the primary and secondary idea. Maybe you could do something like your primary gets 4-5 hof badges ur secondary gets 3-4 gold badges and ur third archetype gets 3-4. It would give a crazy amount of variety and it would give silver badges a place lol.

I don't mind the archetypes but it does make for boring videos on here, only reason i wish they didnt have the archetypes in MyCareer. Like allow us to create any type of player we want offline.

they don't want e-sports to be broken. 2k16 and 2k15 had a best build player. 2k17 you can use anyone but limited. i like 2k17 system better than 2k15 and 2k16 but they had it right with 2k11 – 2k14.

I agree with the statement thou I think archetypes would be much better if 2k let us chose a primary,secondary and 2 archetypes of our choosing. The primary will have hof and better attributes, secondary will have gold badges with good attributes, the 2 last ones would have silver badges and alright badges. Example would be sharpshooter, lockdown defender as the two main ones and like a slasher/playmaker for the third. This will stop us all being Kyle Korver if u are a sharpshooter

I don't mind the archetypes, just get rid of LDD and Paint Protectors and give every archetype the option to max out defense.
You would have to sacrifice something to max out defense which would prevent everyone from being the same.

2k is boring the archetype and the same parks and all these patches then we found out becoming legend dosent give you shit but a ball from 2k15 (sorry orlando) nobody is going to spend all this money on vc for making like 3 players that will all get nerfed up to patch 10 (check I said 10 I believe there will be 10 patches)

i dont have a huge problem with archetypes i just have a problem with nerfing archetypes. Like what if someone spends 50 dollars to make a new player then that player gets nerfed, makes no sense. 2k needs to stop that shit and stop droppin so many patches.

Hey Peter I've been watching your videos for a good two month now I see you have very great content and from what I see your an Xbox player lol and just saying once you switch to the PlayStation nation we should run a 1v1 for YouTube I'm a new smaller channel tryna grind to the top just like you so maybe in the near future when I get to your level we could do a collaboration !!

They should make it so you have a Primary Archetype, a Secondary Archetype and a Tertiary Archetype (I think that's the right word). The Primary Archetype would be in the 90's the secondary Archetype would be in the high 80's and the Tertiary Archetype would be in the low 80's so you could a Slashing – Playmaking – Sharpshooter. Layups and Dunks in the 90's Playmaking in the high 80's and Shooting in the low 80's and everything else mediocre.

This would fix a lot I think: why doesn't 2K let us have every Hof badge we wanna grind for but still keep the archetypes, this way everyone will be op but not as good as the archetype that's made to do whatever it's made to do, but I have thought of 1 down fall sharpshooters havering Hof pick and roll maestro, still more people would have more fun this way!

They should make it that we get like 100 upgrades but we can choose whatever we want to upgrade e.g playmaking and shooting maxed. This would make it so we can play to our own style but it be balanced because your defence wouldn't be high


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NBA 2K17
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