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If you want to increase your win-rate against the evil that is Pirate Warrior, here are five tips that will help you.

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Feature | Hearthstone | How to Beat Pirate Warrior

Hey Regis, really enjoyed this video! If you get the chance could you do one on "how to beat" quest rogue as control? I get that aggro can run over it, and that is why it doesn't have the greatest win rate. However, stats/tier lists aren't everything in my opinion.

I dread playing quest rogue over anything else…their playing solitaire while I'm wondering if the quest is gonna be finished on turn 4 or 5 this game. It's so boring to play against due to it being so non-interactive. The decks play style really sucks the fun out of what I love about hearthstone.

I love this please make more of these how to beat: videos. Wouldn't hurt to see one for quest Rogue, Murloc Paladin, Aggro Druid etc. maybe even one for silence priest. You seem to have a lot of knowledge and i would love to hear more

playing for value instead of tempo is definitely one of the most important things against pirate warrior. all that matters against them is survival, since they will run out of cards and damage eventually, plus they no longer have sir finley to gain life tap or steady shot

The 15:22 is a long version of advice that arguably the greatest general who ever lived gave:
"Therefore I say: One who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be in danger in a hundred battles.
One who does not know the enemy but knows himself will sometimes win, sometimes lose. One who does not know the enemy and does not know himself will be in danger in every battle." -Sun (Wu) Tzu Art of War

The best way to understand pirate warrior is to play pirate warrior.

I hit legend for the first time in 3 yrs of casually playing using pirate warrior. I think is still some skill to it but it is probably easier than some decks. i don't get all the hate against it.

If Blizzard really believed a fast meta was bad for the game, then they should modify how you rank up. It should be an algorithm of win/loss, turns played and time played instead of just win/loss which will motivate people to play fast games.

what about when your also playing aggro? I forget who said but I heard in that case you need to play control style since you need to be the one with tempo when you're both outta gas. do you find this accurate?

how is pirate warrior still a problem lmao there are far worse decks out there right now

the only class that mayyyybe struggles with it is hunter, for the rest of them I've dealt with them much more easily

One tip Regis didnt mention is to play nontaunt minions early when your opponent has a weapon. You need to save your taunts for when the warrior cant kill them with their weapon so if you're picking between playing a 3 mana taunt or 3 mana non taunt and your opponent has a weapon save the taunt.

I play a budget mid range hunter and the pirate warrior to me feels like whoever goes first or whoever draws better. it feels bad to win or lose against it because it feels so random as if I have no control wether I win or lose.


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