NBA 2K17

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Making a post scorer? Here’s what you need to know about getting those badges HOF! Hope this helps!

Bro i cant get the spin badge i've played 15 12 minute games i've definitely spun 100+ times in the post and scored and i don't have it im so desperate i put the game speed back to normal cuz my shit must be glitched

Fastest way to get all HOF badges

First you're gonna do a bunch of post spin around the. Before the shot clock runs go to the post and do a drop step then a up and under move (no you don't have to score)
For brick wall and bruiser. Activate orange juice, control justice and just make your self set screens for justice.

Can you help me please? I did the drop step move and I must've done it 500 time. I follow the 2k tutorial and i just cant get it. What am i doing wrong? Do i need to upgrade my guy first? Im confused please help!


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NBA 2K17
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NBA 2K17
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NBA 2K17

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