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Watch “How to get Legendaries & Dust in Hearthstone!” and you will learn just that! I don’t want to lie to you! Most of the tips are for newer players! Drop a comment bellow if you think I missed anything! 🙂

The topics I’ll discuss are:
👍 How to get the most legendaries;
👍 Spending money on the game;
👍 Disenchanting cards;
👍 Crafting decks.

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Showing "support to the developers"?! Are you being ironic? Activision Blizzard Inc just reported $7.1bn profit for 2017. More than 4bn of this is “in-game net bookings” i.e. loot boxes, DLCs, in-app purchases. There are negative impacts following this trend which affect the consumer both directly and Indirectly (pressure to smaller game devs). I just learned that some regulators see lootboxes as akin to online gambling (to be taxed/limited). I hope we can be more aware of this aspect when deciding which companies/creators to support and how. 🙂

+tip: Write "extra" in stead of "golden" to only see the cards you have more than two copies of. The auto disenchant button only dusts the regular and golden cards you have more than two of. So if you had 3 golden innervates and 4 regular ones, it would dis 1gold+2regular; if you had 3 regular and one golden however, it would only dis the regular one => use the filter "extra" to find all the spare golden cards you have.


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