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This is a theory as how to possbly get pink diamond Jordan, Magic, or Bird in NBA 2K17 MyTeam! Comment, Like, and Subscribe for more content!!

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bottom line is 2k are all about the micro transactions and will continue to be this way because quite simply put,too many people are firing bucket loads of cash into vc purchasing,yes they have given the grinder a chance to get some decent cards but the genuine sought after cards are all strictly cash only! my team is seriously in danger of becoming (not my team as i cant get the players i really want) although it was boring running into the same players every game in the old 2k(2k14 or 15 i think)at least you had an opportunity to get a jordan/t mac/kobe/carter etc,at least this year there is a bit of variety in the team you face,but this is certainly not through choice

How are you going to say it's a theory and not confirm that you get pink diamond cards and then call 2K selfish how do you know that it's YOUR THEORY and it's not confirmed click bate and just disrespectful

i mean you are right and stuff but to be honest, this is a fairly remedial prediction. All Ultimate Team and MyTeam and team builder types of modes have been this way for years. 2K has been doing this for years as has EA and many others because the mode is a cash grab. It makes a serious amount of revenue every year for the company and it will always be that way. Its an extremely successful business model and 2K will continue to drive the pay 2 play model for years to come.

MyTeam has been "pay to win" for years now…I 'really' started to play it last year, meaning I finished both dominations and got a rather decent team but I was unable to get any other amethysts than the reward ones because I don't spend real money in games, none of them. I had one 30k amethyst(90 overall Gary Payton) plus the rewards(Pippen, Kidd) along with gold players like Joe Dumars, Shawn Kemp, Dikembe(DPOY), Pistol Pete, Dominique Wilkins, Spencer Haywood, and Ben Wallace(DPOY) and that was pretty much it. I would have wanted amethyst Hakeem but had zero chances of getting it. This year I have similar lineup(reward Francis and Thompson, 88 Glen Rice, 85 CWebb, 89 Hakeem, 85 Isiah, 87 Cooper, 88 Rip Hamilton, 88 Kevin Willis, 85 Antonio Davis) and it seems I can only dream of other amethysts and stuff…Sure I'm happy I got Hakeem as I wanted but the 'good cards' are so ridiculously expensive I simply don't even want to get it…I would just feel bad when playing with them thinking how many hundred euros I used to get this one lousy player which will be worth nothing when the next 2K comes up…2K won't get a dime from me and if myteam becomes even worse I stop buying the game altogether. 70 euros is more than enough…Actually I think 2K should allow the guys who preorder the game to pick one card they want 'for free'…Atleast with the more expensive editions…This year some lousy 'free agent Kobe' was pure robbery…

I've grinded, spent no cash and have 3 (almost 5) diamonds, 2 Amythysts, 5+ rubies and a bunch of saphires. 2k have been generous with giving people good rewards at the end of compleating a game mode. All they want to do is reward the players that choose to spend money on the game in a different way and this seems to be the fairest way. I have done domination, almost done board 10, sniped my ass off and barely touched myteam online. So I can afford to have compleated 2 historic collections and could get Shaq if I chose but I will just save my MT and get an Amythyst big man.


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