NBA 2K17

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i post everything on NBA 2k Funny moments…

To Get Playmaker Pro/ Playmaker Grand Badge you need 16 assist in 15 consecutive games (nonsimulated) and you need to use all 80 attribute upgrades!!! Like this if it helped

Play 15 consecutive games with 16 assist and on your 15 game when u get that 16 assist u get it like in this game clip. Watch any person getting their playmaker grand badges and it will be on the 16th assist trust me

Already played 2 seasons averaged 12 assists per game doing alleys and regular dimes. I've been 86 overall since the 1st season. I have 4 hall of fame badges and 1 gold. I set screens and break ankles but can't get it. My player is broken…


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NBA 2K17
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NBA 2K17
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