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Part 1 of my Hearthstone series beginning with a tutorial lesson, “How to play hearthstone.” This video is for beginners teaching the basics, board layout, what everything means. Details about constructed play mode, and how to play arena; plus details on cards, classes, heros, spells, weapons, and minions.
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Hearthstone playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm5ULqUEpfierAdX3mVGcmQYFzeGj93OD&action_edit=1
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Thanks so much for this video! I have been looking for a video to introduce my friends to HS, and this is pretty much the only decent one available! Would love to see an update to the current state of the game.

Help please: I've been playing about 4 days and I started winning almost every game, but I started to lose all of them. I'm a "noob" in this game so please help me to improve in this game, I will be very apreciated. (Sorry 4 my english, I'm spanish 😁)


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