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In this How to play video, I present N’Zoth Control Paladin – Kobolds and Catacombs post-nerfs edition!

This video shows gameplay against Aggro Druid, Pirate Warrior, Secret Mage, Big Priest, Combo Dragon Priest, and Cubelock.

This video is from the era of Year of the Mammoth Standard format and Kobolds and Catacombs expansion.

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HOLY SHIT this deck is expensive! lol! i got enough dust for it but I dont really wanna craft it yet cuz this deck might have a hard time vs cubelocks or control warlocks. I do have tirion, sunkeeper & cairnes.. so i would need to craft lich, uther & N'zoth..LOL…hmm..what to do…what to do…. ;D

N’Zoth paladin is my favorite deck of all time, either that or N’Zoth warrior, thank you for trying to make this deck work. I’m running a similar list but with Harrison Jones and forbidden healing. I’m thinking of cutting forbidden healing as Aggro has slowed down thanks to the nerfs

Finally! A deck i can assemble! Just need N'Zoth and will go without Cairne (will try 2nd Spellbreaker first). Will be a challenge to make the dust but worth it. ty OG for this and other vods!

Edit: Nevermind. Oy! but Always i lack cards to play the fun stuff which can compete. This is by design, and it breaks my will to play. Cost of cards far too high for me to pay-to-play. Got 705 dust and had already scoured card library for lo-regret dust'ables (many many times during my time with this game).. but will drudge through again, though i know it ain't there lest i sacrifice much. Besides N'Zoth himself, also lacking is a Rat and even a Beetle, but also an Aldor and most critically the second Call to Arms. i got one-out, pulling a golden legendary from the Tavern Brawl pack ..(or in the three i can currently acquire thru gold). If it takes too long the deck may be obsoleted by next release of OP OP cards, or shifted out of competitive range as meta evolve (in multiple has this happened before). Feelsbadman, ever with this game it feels bad. But i love the idea of the game, and in those niches of time where i've a deck that can get something done in creative ways (and back in the day when cards were markedly less swingy), i quite enjoy the game of Hearthstone!! (but distribution of game assets royally sucks!!! i blame the executive, corporate and shareholder bloat, as well the dastardly analyst's who determine how best to capitalize on their resource-scarcity scheme – why do they taint such a beautiful creation such as Hearthstone when they are raking in big-number profit and being real cheap on the game UI, Tournament Mode, et all. fah /rant

– still love the game, and am very thankful for your vods OG, in addition to education of game-theory as well entertainment, your vods also give me a HS fix for when i break from the game, but more importantly they help keep me current.


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