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In this How to play video, I present Rdu’s Anti-Aggro Discover Mage (Gunther Mage, Burn Mage).

Deck code: AAECAf0ECk1xxQSQB+wHvwiBsgKhtwKwvAKWxwIKwAG7ApUDqwSWBaO2Ate2Aum6AsHBApjEAgA=

This video shows gameplay against Midrange Paladin, Quest Rogue, Taunt Warrior, and Secret Mage.

This video is from the era of Year of the Mammoth Standard format and Journey to Un’Goro expansion.


Lots of small mistakes. One of the things I noticed is you get lost in commentary and don't actually think about your play. For example heres a big mistake @ 42:55 . Instead of realizing that if it was counterspell you could iceblock then fireball for lethal, you played fireball to check the counterspell. And you already know the mistake that followed in assuming that he ran spellbender instead of iceblock, or just misplay in attack order.

Ever since finding you on YouTube by searching for educational Hearthstone videos, yours have been my favorite. I've been watching every video you post because I find them insightful. Keep up the great work!


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