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Do you know someone who isn’t playing Bastion correctly…? You probably do. Bastion players tend to know how to use him IMPROPERLY. Bastion can be tough to figure out as a beginner…and the problem is most think he’s a beginner type character, they couldn’t be more wrong!

Bastion is very POWERFUL and DEADLY in the right hands. This video shows you how to use Bastion to his fullest extent, and really make the enemy team HATE you.

If this Bastion Tutorial Guide helps you or you’re friends…

Very great guide- people complain about Bastion a ton at the lower ranks, but at the higher ones people have more experience against Bastion and are able to counter him very quickly. You are forced to move around.

I'm on ps4 🙁 but I main mercy and I have spent almost 100 hours trying to find a way to beat a bastion… WHY DID YOU MAKE THIS VIDEO IT WILL ONLY MAKE MY JOB HARDER. Btw I liked, love your vids

It's a shame bastion has such a bad rep. Playing him can cause a lot of backlash from the enemies and team mates with them complaining that you are playing him

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