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Oscar and I play some hearthstone as I try out the new infinite fireball deck that we saw someone make.

Game: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Blizzard Entertainment

Major cards to make this combo work:
Sorcerer’s apprentice
Archmage Antonidas
Mad Scientist (optional but helps)

Hi, i wanna ask something. Im kinda new in this game, so i have an idea of that free fireballs plan before i watch it. And i have some problems with realizing that, so can u say this deck?  When i start to trying that, i looking up for some surviving (healbots, ice blocks, ice barriers), spareparts (to cloaked anthonidas for making sure hes gonna be alive next turn), duplicates and echo of medivh for making 4 appretices and finally some cards which help me draw this combo (acolyte of pain, arcane intellect, stuff like that), also i thinking about doomsayers and frost novas just to clear table. I didnt have many of this cards, cuz like i said ima new, and my friends told me thats shitty deck, cuz im never draw this combo, cuz i need to much pieces. But u did it, so can u help me please? It seems so fun, and im definetly wanna make my dream come true.


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