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Today we play Overwatch PTR To test the changes!
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If you know me y’all know that ima a die hard sombra main but these changes are insane but the kit she has now is the way she was supposed to played as assassin so I think that she’s balanced but as someone who plays genji and lucio getting hacked is horrible you’re actually not going surive you’re like a target and yea so i hope the changes stay

I know I have to tweet you this bit I don't have a Twitter and I'm also using my moms account so I had an idea and I think it was pretty good its called pupnapper there is three pups and a mom and a dad the pupnappers goal is to kidnap all the three puppets but the parents are fast and you can't kill them but the parents can only go to half the map and they have to melee you to kill you in know its long and it probably doesn't make any sense but i really wanted To see my idea in your video and if this wasn't original I'm sorry


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