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We spoke to Cliff Bleszinski at this year’s E3 about his next game, Lawbreakers. Will the game ever come to consoles? What’s the current thinking on pricing? And how does the studio feel about the comparisons being made between Lawbreakers and Overwatch?

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I really like Cliffy B. His no nonsense attitude just shows how much of a gamer he is himself. And he knows what the gaming community likes and dislikes so it really feels like its from gamers for gamers

I am concerned that at that speed you won't be able to appreciate the things that make shooters good. Like the animations or map details. In gears of war I liked taking cover and stalking my enemies. I liked having the time to sit and watch a guy's head explode from my sniper rifle. And of course there is nothing more slow or enjoyable than chainsawing someone. I hope the game will appeal to everyone and he hasn't developed this game based of his own acquired taste from games like the Unreal series. Not that that is bad. It just gives you a different perspective from the mainstream of what is "too fast".

Just about everything Totalbiscuit said about this game was positive, so unless i watched the wrong video im wondering what the Dev team was "agonizing" about. The game looks fantastic, i'll be picking it up for sure.

say what you will about cliff, but the man knows his shit, it so nice to hear a dev say things like not splitting the community with paid for maps and characters, and no stuns or anything like that, as its frustrating as hell to have control of your character removed from you.

I love when cliffy b does give a developer interview he is not afraid to keep it real.. He actually talks about the technical aspects of the game unlike some bad oversights on blizzards part (map design. Assault on a good defense is a game of really bad chokepoints. (hanamura main gate infront of first objective. It's why spawn times are so damn quick its a meat grinder. I enjoy overwatch but it's not TF2. Plus not having dedicated servers on a class based shooter? give me a break. wish this got more attention, I never heard of this til now. I like playing genji because you have to be actually have some wit and is skill based. To many Overwatch chars are just too easy to play.

Don't know if I'll buy this game, but this guy really got me interested. He struck me as such a good, transparent guy. No bullshit, no vague answers. Just straight to the point.

He also seems really knowledgeable and understands what he's going for.

I doesn't take a genius to see that this game will probably not reach Overwatch sales figures, but I do hope it does well as it looks like a lot of fun and it seems they are not being greedy with the price. I'll be buying on day 1 and hopefully maybe getting into an alpha or beta weekend.

Holy shit, this looks really good. I remember seeing the first trailer and thinking is was bullshit. That's why I prefer to watch actually raw gameplay, as opposed to trailers or carefully presented demos.

Gotta say this interview really pumped my interest in the game AND made me remember why I love Cliffy B.
It's just a no-BS no-nonsense conversation without PR jibberish. Simply talking about the game and explaining the choices they make with its progress.
Truly from gamers to gamers.

I actually really like the way he discusses the game. Paying attention to factors like no stuns or freezes of characters. Design choices like that. Interested to see how this is in Alpha


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