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Five more Kobolds & Catacombs cards have been revealed! Here are my detailed thoughts on the cards, including my take on their competitive viability, deck fit, and synergies.

Shortcut to my quick 5-star reviews: https://youtu.be/EuJXpZ4Fj6Y?t=1037

This video includes Dragoncaller Alanna, Dragon’s Fury, Twilight’s Call,
Ironbark Golem, and Dragonhatcher.

Feature | Hearthstone | Kobolds & Catacombs Card Review Part 14

While I can certainly see the argument for why you don't think Twilight's Call will make it into Big Priest, I could certainly see it being a card that Big Priest runs as a 1 of for the extra removal. Obsidian Statue's deathrattle is too valuable to underestimate this not seeing at least 1 copy.

I dont care if everybody thinks dragoncaller alanna is shit. She has the coolest artwotk flavor and mechanic of the whole set. 100% will craft and run in big spell mage and wild reno mage (instead of lich king). I just love the card! Also dragons you can never have enough dragons.

Now I'm really looking forward to seeing Out of Deck Mage. Cards like Malchezaar, Dragoncaller, and Ley Line Anomaly would be amazing with the Quest and Malygos. Maybe Thaurissan in Wild.

well the one thing about dragon hatcher is that if it pulls Deathwing its puts your opponent on a clock and they might not be able to kill both DW and DH. but still this card is only good if you build your deck around it only way it could work is big dragon priest. runs some removal with malygos and mindblast plus heavy dragons and that new dragon that priest just got so early board wipes and heavy late game this card actually might see play. but a very expensive deck hopefully you try it out!

Ironbark Golem I completely disagree on. It is essentially a Tar Creeper that is immune to silence (it doesn't lose its attack, but still loses Taunt) and 3 Armor can easily be obtained by the Death Knight. I think it's 3 stars.

The best thing about getting Dragonhatcher is the dust from an epic. Why get a 2/4 that can get me a dragon at the end of the turn when I can get a Curator and get taunt and maybe a murloc or beast as well. There are very few instances where Dragonhatcher won't die after the turn.

The recruit mechanic seems under statted. If it was either discover or summon a copy, it would make more sense. But they seem to suck. We did make fun of the 2 drop Prince, so maybe we will be wrong.

A 3/3 + a 5/5 for 9 mana is slightly below average stat wise but still playable. A 3/3 + two 5/5's for 9 mana is above average stat wise and definitely playable. A 3/3 and three 5/5's for 9 mana is an exceptional value stat wise and very playable. Mage currently runs combinations of Fire Lance Portal, Blizzard, Flame Strike, Cabalist's Tome, Meteor and Pyroblast in various deck lists. It only takes casting 1 of these to make the card playable. The question becomes is it viable to spend 9 mana to just dump stats on the board and is it possible to consistently create a game state where that is advantageous. I can think of two cases off the top of my head where it might be, 1) Frost Nova/Doomsayer on turn 8 giving the Mage a clear board on 9 and/or 2) Ice Block in play and the opponent is within lethal range (18 hp or less assuming 3 Dragons) forcing them to deal with the dragons rather than going face. I think you underestimate this card.

Dragon Hatcher seems like one of those cards that sounds OP on paper until you actually think about it for even half a second. Couldn't agree with you more.

Like, best case scenario would be a dragon with huge stats and a good deathrattle, I think?. So; Deathwing, Dragonlord is basically it. Since, yeah, this thing is only ever gonna trigger once. So, if you take up a spot in your deck with that thing, and build your deck in such a way as to guarantee that proc, you get…Deathwing, Dragonlord for one less mana, plus a 2/4. Brilliant. Hahaha

Something I had learnt before was that you should NEVER believe in the ratings of a pre-released card.
They can get a huge difference in the moment they are released and can be the oppossite of what they rated before.
As an example remember that prince keleseth was a 1 star card when was announced….
So, the real rating is your opinion from the card and see if is good or not for you


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