Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

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WTF!! Man Has 40,000 PlayStation Trophies.Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Beta FIRST IMPRESSIONS.HIDEO KOJIMA RELEASES HIS FINAL METAL GEAR SOLID TRAILER.PlayStation Pre-TGS 2015 Conference Announced for September 15th
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SERIOUSLY???? PEOPLE REALLY THINK those trophies are legit???!!! OMG It's FREAKING OBVIOUS this guy is a TROPHY HACKER!!! There are a LOT of trophy hackers out there!!! THE MOST BIG TIME CONSUMING THING in the world is trophy hunting!!! If you want so many trophies legit, this would mean you really has to stop eating and sleeping and game 24/7 non stop!!! This guy is FAKE!!!

Since I read the comments as I watched the video I could totally see the double entendre you created. Great sly come back. Just started watching your videos the other day. Thanks for your service. I have a lot of friends that also served and did tours in Iraq. Like you they all joined in the years leading up too 9/11/2001. Glad I decided against signing up in the 90's. Games is one thing, real war is totally different.

them cut copy paste titan fall mechanics for TWO FUCKING GAMES IN A ROW!! why in the fuck does the CoD community let the deliver you crap year after year of the exact same bullshit! you are a bunch of simpletons

Wait hold the fucking phone, you waited outside of a shop so your the only person in your city with a Black Ops frigde!!!
And you think 'thats cool. Come on surely you can see that you've been had. Not only is the same tired last gen Quake engine, they've been using for years (thats why the dev lied about BO3 (that's right it stinks) been next gen only) also has an RNG system designed to get children into gambling. And you brought the limited edition of this for the Frigde. Seriously what hell happened to good limited editions like the one with the night vision goggles!

I give him credit for gaming around his busy schedule and I know what he feels like to play late at night…..i started gaming on my uncles apple 2 pc in the 80's and dropped plenty of nickels, and quarters in the arcades back in the 90's. I find less time to game as the years go by, but my kid picked up where I left off…….things have certainly changed from playing on floppy discs to dlc.

Why do you talk so much when all you have to do is splice together some video of the trophies from all of your accounts? Anything that you/B0nd says is heresay, but atm B0nd has shown evidence that you are severely lacking trophies from simply completing games.

When your credibility gets put in question you should be able to swiftly discredit that claim. This video is just a bunch of excuses to say that you don't have time to play games right now, but ironically have time to make all of these videos about games, and that you don't play games.

Wow you THINK you beat Final Fantasy II. You do know that Final Fantasy II on the SNES is really FINAL FANTASY IV. That is common knowledge, yet I bet you don't know that since you can't even get Alex Kidd in MIRACLE WORLD right.

Stop trying to get around the subject. You talk about games like Uncharted and how great they are yet you have almost no trophies for the games. It's painfully obvious you didn't fucking beat them, yet you go around saying how great it is. That is just 1 example. You talk about games, yet you don't fucking play them.
Oh and CHRONO CRUSADE IS A ANIME AND A MANGA. Don't just throw random shit out there and think it makes you look like a gamer.

Wow you have 4 PS4's, that must make you a gamer by owning hardware.


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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
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