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Mean Streets of Gadgetzan legendary cards are hot off the press! Here are my detailed thoughts on four new orange beauties, including my take on their competitive viability, deck fit, and synergies.

This video includes Knuckles, Don Han’Cho, Madam Goya, and Inkmaster Solia.

Feature | Hearthstone | Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Card Review Part 7

bruh, Kazacus on turn 4-6 and get a 10 mana spell. turn 7, play a 5/5 and clear your opponents board and summons a 6/6 demon or whatever. and, madam Goya can reshuffle a reno jackson, Kazacus, ink master solia, and all battlecry old gods back into your deck.

Don hancho is a sick card in the grimy goons decks. 7 mana 10/11, and if you get the buff on one of the combo cards (wich you would since you are playing that deck) they have realesed so far its really going to be good. And as for Inkmaster solia. its going to be good in kazakus decks its going to be really good. enywhere else not anything spesial.

Inkmaster Solia good enough combos: Firelands Portal, Cabalist Tome, Flamestrike, Blizzard, Polymorph, Flame Lance, and of course, the Kazakus Custom Spell, all these spells fit Reno Mage decks, so think this card it's amazing in this archtype. It already has a place in my Reno Mage.


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