Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

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hi! im having a little trouble with Metal Gear Online 3 – from Mgs5 – Im doing the download Game Data and also the Patch most recent over and over again, installing and it all, but it still doesnt working.

then when i run the game (MGSV) it appears message saying to me to make this same process that i just did.. that are any chance you guys know why this happens?

This looks awesome. i just hope they don't have too many skills like in mgo2. Everyone with run 2 and assault rifle 2 bitching about getting cqc'd or having people hide.

I still miss the MGS 4 Online features and style of it. Especially the Stun knifing oh my… is there even a stun knife in this MGO ? or can you make your own little Knifing only servers ? Is there even a skill tree kinda thing like the previous MGO where you can choose to master in gunning , cqc, knifing etc .. ? This MGO kinda just looks fast and rapid just like all the other new fps games. I would prefer and like to play MGO as a slow tactical game. But again MGS 5 its self is fast paced so what can we do … well and MGO didn't even come out yet so lets just wait and see how its like i guess.. . but still kinda butt hurt :,(

What's the point in making a video, where only thing you do is telling what you see?
You cold as well mention, that there is a lot of sand, and it's colored like sand, and that the sky is blue

I hope it's kind of like MGS 4 MGO where you can make your own servers and shit…. I remember all these custom servers with rules and stuff beforehand like zombies, SWAT, boot camp and all that shit it was pretty fun remember bumming it out day and night so I hope it's at least half as entertaining as that XD


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