Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

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MGS5 Full collection of cassette Tapes explaining all the secrets of the story and more.
All the Audio recorded tapes from Metal Gear Solid 5.

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I just wish to know why and how Huey made such a personality shift…. I mean I actually like he's been made opposite of his son here but in Peace Walker he was so much like him that seeing the change here is jarring….

I need an explanation here, gosh darn it to heck.

Why do I still consider Huey an ally and feel sorry for him even though the evidence that's he's a lying, treacherous, cowardly, immoral psychopath is pretty damning? Even after all that's happened to him, I still feel remorseful for what's happened to him and I wish he had stayed with us. I don't think I would have minded if were kept on Mother Base. Even if he was, the potential for him to cause even more trouble would be there. It makes me feel even more confused now that I'm pretty sure he's meant to be an antagonist.

there's no denying that everyone here has demons and phantoms to confront. Strangelove did what she could for the woman she loved, but she sacrificed her own humanity in the process, even resorting to using Huey for her own purposes; treating him as only a sperm donor and nothing more. she did share some feelings for Huey, but in the end the Boss was the only person in her mind and heart. Huey isn't perfect as well. he loved Strangelove and was so desperate to be a good father and husband, but there's no denying that he's a murderer and a hypocritical sack of shit. Chico didn't deserve to die, but he still rat out Big Boss and his fellow soldiers. then again Skull Face's torture was really brutal and he cracked, so i can't really blame him. Paz chose the life of a triple agent and got what she deserved, but she was very kind to Chico; even offering her body to Chico and consenting with the forced sex otherwise Skull Face would have resorted to more brutal methods against Chico. then after that traumatic experience, she wanted to console Chico.
my point is, all the characters in both Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain were demons that had to confront their inner darkness and pay for their sins through atonement. even if the result was death, the price was still paid.

What they should had done, is similar to PeaceWalker, was created cutscenes for the most important tapes in this list, and only leave the tapes as a way to know more about the situation that was presented in the Story. This "Parasite" soliloquy is actually the best explanation about why the Philosophers, Patriots, Big Boss and Zero go from starting with the best intentions to becoming a future menace; furthermore, it is suppose to explain why The Boss was "Loyal until the End', because in Metal Gear Solid 4, Boss finally understood her will to "…leave the world as it is…"; but like I had said before, the Story was very good, and enriches the entire Plot of the MGS Saga, but the story was wasted, almost to the point it was criminal, in Kojima's final game.

I notice something, everyone complains that Phantom Big Boss doens´t talk much in this Story, my Theory and Question is: Does have Phantom Big Boss Vocal Cord Parasites in him?. compared the Tapes Truth Records (Doublethink and Les Enfants Terribles) plus the Ending when Big Boss/Ishmael meet with Ocelot in Cyprus, aswell Ishmael when he meets Phantom Big boss/Medic in the Hospital when the Attacks come. Phantom not really talk much as the Original Big Boss does. Maybe Zero but some a Different Type of Vocal Cord Parasites in him. It says that the Parasites spreads out when they talk a certain Language. Maybe i don´t evereything all but it´s just a Theory. What do think all?^^

When I got the game, I was pumped to hear the "Outer Heaven" theme at 6:55 from Peace Walker and "The Girl is Gone" theme at 8:02 from Ground Zeroes. They fit in perfectly with the tapes and the description of those time periods that Ocelot is outlining to Venom Snake.


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