NBA 2K17

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Hey I found you from your other videos but I'm also a huge basketball fan and in watching this game made me respond for a couple reasons. 1. In in Utah so as I noticed you were playing the Jazz plus Pistol Pete is one of my favorites I'm in my early 50s. A couple of questions. Have you ever seen Wilt Chamberlain come up on these packs (I've never played) and I would probably dump C Webb if possible to trade for the Mailman. I know everyone thinks Duncan's better than Malone but I think Karl was a beast. Anyway just wondering about some of the old school play like Wilt. Maybe maybe even Moses Malone. Dr J etc. BTW your other videos were awesome. That said I understand not making them (at least for a while). I agree it would suck thinking about negative shit all day. Ok peace sorry for the long comment. I'll watch anything you throw up your entertaining as fuck. Stay cool Chad

Great video C2! Thank you for showing us these cards in action! I was gonna kid you about Timmy getting 0 rebounds then you scrolled down and I saw Robinson had 10 boards.😜 Keep up the great job!

Yo my man i got everyone except the twin towers for mj but they go for like 200k should I go for it or wait? And also whats your thoughts on the adrian dantley? His stats are amazing but his has so much cold zones:/


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NBA 2K17
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NBA 2K17
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