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Today i wanted to talk about what a lot of people are calling the new best hero in overwatch competitive season 8 ranked after the mercy nerf nerfs came out a while ago. There are a lot of strong supports in the meta right now, but this one helps out the triple tanks a huge amount. MY big question is… if we get a triple tank meta, will tanks perspectives finally show up in overwatch league?

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There are no bad tanks for Moira, however there are bad DPS for Moira so the real question is wether or not Dive wants Moira or Zenyata as its main healer. Characters like Pharah, Widowmaker and Genji are out of reach for her, so you have to use say a Soldier 76 instead of a Genji for his self sustain. I really don't know about Moira/Mercy or Moira/Ana compositions, in theory those compositions let the Moira go ham with DPSing but with no defensive ultimates you're probably going to get team wiped easily. Moira/Zenyata might work out, but something tells me Moira would be a lot worse than Mercy or Lucio at peeling back to protect the Zenyata, worth experimenting with tho' because if you can get the DPS value out of both Moira and Zenyata on a team that is two supports who can just carry a stack by fragging out themselves.

When someone gets nerfed someone always gets a big pick rate increase. She's the new main source of healing for supports she's not op she just simply does her very well. Why does every hero that does there job well need to be nerfed?

Now that Moira is in the game… … … They need to do away with medals …
"I'm a healer and I have gold elims huehuehue… "
That's great… Glad you can tap everyone on the enemy team with your orb.


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