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Getting a lot of kills will now put you at a higher risk of getting overwatched.

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I've had 3 accounts all banned in the last 2 weeks, each one ended on a rage (64-18) and (52-8), except one that I dropped 74-8 on didn't get me banned until the game after that which was played mostly closet so not sure what happened there. Every time it's a rage MM everyone that did, has been banned for the most part. The worst one was 4v4 HVH with 7 with AA on, all banned. The 8th went almost just as hard as us and he is still not banned now so idk about that one. I'm not sure what's causing it exactly as two of my accounts didn't use AA just a 180 fov aim and bhops…Each account was only played for one game per day with waiting 25hours+ between each game.

And what happens if you get falsely banned by some lower rank guy who thinks you are cheating? Sometimes myself i am scared to get overwatch ban cause i made some insane shots.

Fuck Valve, they fix all the issues nobody wants fixed and leave the issues that need to be fixed. I've gotten more untrusted bans than ow or vac bans and it doesn't make sense that the biggest thing they'll solve is boosting, which doesn't mean shit cus comp ranks don't mean shit

Do people still play this shit game? Come on everyone, can you move on onto something better? I mean to be honest this game is also shit, with everything this game has to offer you. When the game was new it was decent atleast.

Gotta love how you brought a account just to have overwatch you are a sad cunt that you gotta buy an account though you cheat and you can't earn it legit.. go use better cheats retard that don't get you OW banned.

Can confirm this new OW update is working. got OW ban for 117 points. only 5 reports from the enemy team.

GG. from now on just play "hard" but not "hard" enough to get to many points


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