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Five more Kobolds & Catacombs cards have been revealed! Here are my detailed thoughts on the cards, including my take on their competitive viability, deck fit, and synergies.

Shortcut to my quick 5-star reviews: https://youtu.be/5GmYFkDyNXw?t=1171

This video includes Sonya Shadowdancer, Explosive Runes, Less Ruby Spellstone, and Lesser Pearl Spellstone.

Feature | Hearthstone | Kobolds & Catacombs Card Review Part 7

I don't think Explosive Runes is bad at all. Any time you're adding more secrets to mage, the more confusing playing around any given one is and that secret is strong for the mana cost (6 damage of 3 mana).

People are lazy on hearthstone anyway cause instead of beating the meta, people just net deck and have no originality.. So you know everybody will be running that spellstone. It sucks but thats hearthstone

So mill rouge will most likely be a thing again?!!! With Sonya shadowcaster you can play cold light oracles and kill the murlocs yourself with backstabs or pedals and so on. Maybe even copy Sonya with faceless or something to get double the amount. You can also get cheap oracles with cheat death or shadowcaster and shadow step and so on. Basicly you would make a deck that generates lots of oracles and also draws even more cards then the opponent with the help of auctioner or maybe sprint. After drawing your deck to shreads you play some oracles to load the opponents hand, then play King Togwagle. Since the hand is full, the opponent will not get the spell to switch decks back and gets an empty deck that is in the fatique stage. Before doing the Kingn Togwagle combo you`d keep some exstra damage or mill cards in hand with one or two vanishes to finish the opponent.

Regis you forgot about the 2/4 heal three end of turn pally card! That combos really quite well with the 2mana pally card, I'd say it's at least a 3star card and I'm sure there's some way so that turn 4 you could potentially play 2 6/6 taunt minions… Which would be insane.

I think Explosive Runes is a lot more vicious than you give it credit for.

Here is a hypothetical scenario. Imagine that your opponent is an aggro mage that tries to kill you fast, uses a lot of early game minions aggressively and using spells to close the game. This is turn 8. The mage in front of you played a secret last turn, and you are down to 11 health. What do you do? Do you play your lost cost minion to make the opponent waste his secret on a small minion, and you take an extra 3 damage? Or do you summon your big 8 health taunt? You summon the big taunt, right? To soak up the damage from the secret so you don't take any further damage. You're fine, you're gonna recover, right?

Then, the horror! Mirror Entity triggers and the opponent got a gigantic minion for 3 mana! You sigh and concede the game. All because Explosive Runes exists. What you didn't know is that they don't even run it.

Your giving much more consideration to these cards now I was expecting you too trash like the spell stone and rate the shadowcaster like 3 stars but this surprised me:)

Apparently Paveling Book and Primordial Shithead weren't enough for Blizzard, they want more random card generation for Mage. Because that's fun for everyone all around, right ?

What a bunch of bullshit.

I think you are very wrong on explosive runes. Secret mage can cheat out secrets for 0 mana and this one is perfect for that. It helps them remain in control of the board and deals some face damage which is all secret mage wants. Not sure if this secret would replace mirror entity (it might) but it will most certainly be run alongside it

Restore health, not necessarily your hero. Restore just means that the heal has healed for that much as opposed to using a heal for 3 on a damaged 2/2, you would heal for 3 but restore for 1.

Mage secret – all previous secrets have an upside: Mirror can summon Tirion, manabind can give you free UI, this secret has no "OMG" level to it, it is just fireball controlled by your opponent, and that's why it is bad even on casual level
Paladin spellstone – same downside as the 3/9 guy, sometimes it never upgrades because you cannot heal yourself if you didn't take damage.


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