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Often seen as a troll pick, Offense Symmetra has way more potential than people give her credit for. So today, we’ll be talking about how to make Offense Symmetra work. Enjoy!

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What I got about the shield gen from your Video is that it Is useless and U should Not place it but thats wrong imo, cuz that 75 Armour that regenerates can give a HUGE advantage

so, I followed everything you said. it didn't work as you said. IT WORKED BETTER! I JUST GOT OFF MY FOURTH GAME IN A ROW USING THIS STRAT AND WE COMPLETELY EFFING ROLLED THE ENEMY EVERY GAME!! one thing is I find that spamming the small orbs instead of charging them is better because you can spam allot faster. however, there are certain situation (i.e. camping bastions, torbs, etc.) it is better to do two charges orbs and then spam small ones. using that strat I took out a torn, bastion, Orissa spot then went on to kill the other three enemies as well. #soloteamkill

Well the truth is that symmetra makes more dmg than most of the attack characters and it is just pretty sad. You just click with left click and make tons of dmg. I just think she must be nurfed.

I had the best attack symm game the other day on kings row my team asked how they could play with me and what I planned on doing, we worked together well and won. The only thing that's not viable in overwatch is meta slaves :/

This was a good video, definitely gets a like from me. I'd disagree with under valuing the shield barrier on control point 2 since the spawn point is so close to the objective a teleporter doesn't save your team much time while the extra regenerating shield HP can really have an impact. Also something that wasn't quickly apparent is how powerful Symmertra's charge beam gets for both left and right clicks. The longer you hold either the stronger they get and the difference is substantial. If her beam stays on a target for a few seconds the damage increase maintains for a few seconds after disconnecting so even if you have to reload or quickly switch targets she keeps the massive damage boost. Offensive Symmertra is a beast if you know how to play her but you're right, you get a lot of hate from team members however for me, that just adds to the joy of all the Play of the Game's I get.

I disagree on the benefits of a teleporter over a shield gen on payload/capture point maps. 75 health is not as insignificant as you make it out to be on attack, but that's not even the main reason. The shield gen does not expire. That means you can carry you ult between checkpoints and turn it into a teleporter for the final push.


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