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We attempt to recreate the Omnic Crisis in Overwatch!
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Outro Song:
‘Chiptune Does Dubstep’ by Teknoaxe

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Overwatch Nerd:
Um actually, mercy was helping them and the battle didn't happen their. Also Ana was sniping from above not in battle. Another thing is soldier was leading with him in front.

This is amazing. However:
1. Tracer should wear the Cadet Oxton costume (or whatever)
2. Torbjorn should have worn the Blä costume.
3. Reinhardt should have worn either the Camo epic (I forgot the name) or Balderich. (Because he died in the battle of Eichenwalde).

I know meh Ogre-crotch.

i got a custom game for ya (WARNING: story in coming you have been warned) in numbani orisa had a hack then all the protectors (aka OR15 skin) they teamed up destroying numbani thousands of people died but then winston joined helping in the uprising 2 (characters for overwatch are tracer winston mercy ana genji and hanzo and for null sector's 2.0 orisa and the orisa OR15 skin) the null sector's are stronger but the worst is that Efi has been killed by orisa herself can overwatch save the day or fail and die like the thousands? (pls use this also if your wondering OR15 have been built again by Efi and also is orisa puts down her ult all of them do hope you enjoy that pain mr fruit)

Challenge time!!! Do a sombra vs Widowmaker battle where the sombras run out on an big Open space in circles and the widowmakers have to try to snipe them and only headshots sombra has infinite invis and widow have ulti all the time!!! DO THE CHALLENGE!!! Have fun 🙂

Maps: Eichenwalde, Volskaya Industries, and Hollywood (THE OMNICS HAVE RETURNED)
,Attackers are made up of 4 bastions and 2 orisas while defenders are Mercy, reinhardt, reaper, soldier 76,Torbjörn, and tracer.

the 4 bastions will have 570 hp (so they don't die as easy), make there damage higherish but not an instant kill and not to high, and they can heal themselves, and they can use there ultimates, and make one or two a bit faster like a scout omnic or whatever. Upgrades are: (Configuration: Recon: does 39 damage while scout or scouts do 34 damage) (Configuration: Sentry: does 50 damage, while either the one or two scouts do 43 damage) (Configuration: Tank: can be scary if it is a scout but for the normal bastion units (that are slowerish) not as much, but still is worry sum, but the damage is 290 direct hit, and does 50 damage to self, turning into the form takes 3 seconds, while the duration is 16 seconds, but requires 2275 points to activate) (
Ironclad: now takes a dmg reduction of 40% while transformed) (Self-Repair: heals bastions 83 health per second, duration being 8 seconds, 0.75 second delay, and cooldown is 2.10 seconds, 12 seconds recharging, for scout(s) it's 95 health per second, duration being 9 seconds, 0.80 second delay, with a cooldown of 2.12 seconds, 12.75 seconds recharging, only because they need the healing for getting into the defenders faces)

The Orisas has 760 HP and are way more tankier/bulkier than the average Bastion Unit, with there barriers having 2000 HP (the same as Reinhardt's). These Units are the biggest problem for the defenders but there is some ways to counter these buff orisas but watch out! The cooldowns are: (Fusion Driver: does 88 damage) (Halt!: takes 0.01 seconds to cast and has a 0.03 activation delay, with a cooldown of 15 seconds) (Fortify: has a dmg reduction of 60%, a duration of 5.50 seconds, and a cooldown of 17 seconds) (Protective Barrier: has the HP of 2000, a duration of 120 seconds, and a cooldown of 32.50 seconds) (Supercharger: now has 395 HP, Has a duration of 58 seconds, a cast time of 1.55 seconds, and because the orisas are pretty buff you need 2450 points to get your ultimate)

Now with the defenders mercy her health is raised up to 325 but is the tiniest bit slower but can still use her guardian angel ability to glide towards her team, with the same cooldown, and her pistol does less damage so its useless, she needs to depend on healing, while her team does the real damage. Also if you can make her staff heal a bit faster, BUT NOT TO MUCH. Cooldowns are: (Guardian Angel: 6 seconds) (Caduceus Blaster dmg: 10) (Caduceus Staff: +45% damage boost, 78 healing per second) also she may only use her ultimate one time, which needs 1700 points to get it.

For reinhardt his health is now at 470, His sheild now has 4500 hp, he is the most slowest out of the defenders but the charge helps him get going (he's faster with that) His fire strike does more damage, faster cooldown, and may use his ultimate. He is really good for damage and would be good to keep alive. Cooldowns are: (Barrier Field: has 55 second cooldown and has – 1500 hp when returned) (Charge: has 9 second cooldown and 5 second cooldown if interrupted and Pin has 2 second pin, bump does 60 damage, and wall collision does 285 damage) (Fire Strike: has a 4 second cooldown and does 110 damage on hit) (Earthshatter: his ultimate once done will do 60 damage but the target(s) will not be down as long and takes 2200 points for ultimate) (Rocket Hammer: does 80 damage)

For reaper his health is now at 369, and can live longer up close and personal. He is a bit faster and can be almost a new stealth hero like Somb- ANYWAY……. he is going to be for sneaking, and getting up in robots faces, specifically a counter to the orisas. (The Reaping: heals you 70 hp) (Hellfire Shotguns: 60 damage) (Wraith Form: duration is 15 seconds and with extra speed will get you behind the lines, and cooldown is 15 seconds) (Shadow Step: duration is 3 seconds and cooldown is 11 seconds) (Death Blossom: does 180 damage and takes 2090 points to get the ultimate)

Torbjörns health is now at 340, and is likely to not die as fast and rely not only on his turret for damage. Since he is a small guy he is almost the fastest (soldier and tracer taking the cake) and is ready to sadly fight the robots! Well for cooldowns he has (Scrap Collector: now collects 40 scrap off of fallen heros, gains 5 scrap every 1.5 seconds) (Rivet Gun Weapon (Primary Fire): now does 86 damage) (Rivet Gun Weapon (Secondary Fire): now does 40 damage) (Forge Hammer: now does 70 damage (because he would be using it for enemy robots) and heals 60 hp from his turret per hit) (Build Turret: health would be 210/360/860 (for each upgrade) and does 59 damage per round and cooldown is 25 seconds) (Armor Pack: gives +86 armor but uses up 69 scrap) (Molten Core: has rate of fire go up by +75%, the duration is 19 seconds, your health you gain is 310+ armor and you need 2110 points to activate it)

Tracers health is now at 265 which is the lowest out of all of the defenders can be annoying for the omnics and when she gets her ultimate orisas can't take the explosion so close and will do them in which can allow your team to finish them off if you didn't already. Also she is the fastest out of all of the defending hero's, just don't make her to fast! The cooldowns are (Pulse Pistols: now do 37 damage, only because she uses pistols like mercy does) (Blink: Now has a 3.9 second cooldown per charge, 11.7 seconds for all three charges) (Recall: will heal you back to where you were 10 seconds earlier, has a 1.75 second duration, and has a 13.25 cooldown) (Pulse Bomb: this dangerous ultimate is made up of a powerful material that is really effective, which does a whopping 595 damage and has 20 impact damage, it also has 1.95 second fuse and because it's so dangerous it take's 2299 points to activate it)

Last but not least, the man, the face on people's dad mugs, the use to be handsome guy, Soldier 76. Soldier 76 now has 379 hp and is the person giving the routes to go in mich and tell the enemy's position! (Btw everyone except the bastions, orisas, and the soldier can keep there huds on so they can see there positions, not everyone else) the reason being is because soldier has his mask on for tactical advantages while well… the attacking team is robot's SOOOO…… his cooldowns are (Heavy Pulse Rifle: now does 64 damage) (Helix Rockets: does 55 direct hit, 90 splash, 145 damage total, and the cooldown is 13 seconds) (If you can, Sprint: move at a speed of 9.33 meters per second) (Biotic Field: heals 59 hp per second, the duration is 15 seconds, and the cooldown is 23 seconds) (Tactical Visor: now gives the soldier a reload time of 0.50 seconds, while the casting time is now 0.90 seconds, duration being 19 seconds, and the points needed to activate your alt is 2110)

the BOSS BASTION unit has 5900 HP and can do high amounts of damage, which is more crazier than the omnic uprising units. With it's smaller size compacted of a pack-a-punch it also could be classified as a scout unit but faster, but not sonic fast, but the unit can not heal itself. The cooldowns are (Ironclad: gives the unit a 50% damage reduction) (Configuration: Recon: 139 damage) (Configuration: Sentry: 157 damage) (Reconfigure: It takes 0.25 seconds to turn into sentry, and 0.02 seconds for Recon) (Configuration: Tank: Is pretty scary- It takes 0.21 to transform into, the duration is 29.75 seconds, and the damage is 330 dmg direct hit, 60 self-damage)

The Terrorists (Sombras) that stayed behind from the evacuation have little HP of 60, do slightly less damage, can NOT use there ultimates, but can hack. Once there defence has saved there base and them, or failed they most likely are going to die but can hide and the attackers can find them, they hold a lot of important information and once they have been founded they are sent to jail (kill them), cap the point and you beat these terrorists once and for all! The cooldown for the terrorist is: (Machine Pistol: does 28 damage) (Hack: takes 0.50 seconds to cast, Health Bar/Ultimate Status reveal: 15 seconds, Health Pack: 40 seconds, Turrets: 9.25 seconds, and Abilities: 5.65 seconds, while cooldown is 15.25 seconds) (
Thermoptic Camo: takes 0.45 seconds to cast stealthing, and un-stealthing, the Duration is 4.85 seconds long, and the cooldown is 9.60 seconds) (Translocator: has a duration of the longest you can, and the cooldown is the longest you can make it, because you can only use this 'get out of jail free card' once)

Now these weaker orisa units are just for extra support for the boss battle, but not as strong as the normal units, they are slightly easier to destroy than the normal units, they have 300 HP and there sheilds have 1400 HP. The cooldowns are: (Fusion Driver: does 46 damage) (Halt!: has a 0.55 second casting time and a 0.20 seconds activation delay, and has a cooldown of 21 seconds) (Fortify: has a dmg reduction of 30% , the duration is 4.20 seconds long, and the cooldown is 30 seconds) (Protective Barrier: has 1400 HP, with a duration of 40 seconds, and a cooldown of 50 seconds) (
Supercharger: now has 68 HP, gives +32% extra damage, a casting time of 1.25 seconds, a duration of 25 seconds, and the normal amount of charge needed to activate the ultimate)


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