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I was told this bundle would be mammoth…

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Pack Openings | Hearthstone | Opening the Mammoth Bundle

I had 2 legendarys and 2 golden legendarys from the mammoth bundle. Then I proceeded to buy the mammoth bundle for a friend on my fire tablet using Amazon coins, I got logged out during the purchase. Logged back in and the purchase was pending. Logged out and logged back into my account. The mammoth bundle then synced to my account…. Double mammoth bundle baby.

im completely free to play, and I opened some cobolds and catacombs packs, and got prince keleseth, and dreadhunter rexar in the same pack

My results were a far cry from the unluckiness in this vid. I ended up with 4 Legendary cards, three of them came from Un'Goro, one from Kobolds, and one of the Un'Goro ones was golden. I was so hyped after that I was ready to buy another one! (too bad it's only once per account).

I got 0 legendaries and 6 epics…I opened blizzard live chat and said what I'm thinking of them. One of my friends got 5 legendaries and that's why I decided to buy also but got scammed.

Yeah, this is why I'm not buying the mammoth pack. Buying 10 packs will just move my pity timer progress but since I'm not gonna buy Ungoro and KFT packs anymore its useless. I'd rather just save the money to buy the prerelease pack for the set. Maybe if they made it 25 packs per set it would be better since you are likely to get a legendary per set.


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