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Overwatch | 10 Reasons Players Love Ana. Here’s why we love the healing sniper Ana, who shoots teammates to heal them…
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She is loved because….

I found the unbeatable comp!

Your most valuable people: Ana, she is the only support but her nano works good with 3 other characters. Soilder: 76. His ulitimate can tear through squishy enemies, it works better with nano boost.

Your 3 mid-value characters: Roadhog. Roadhog can hook squishy enemies the rest of the team down while your least valued player protect the team. Reaper. Reaper will tear down squishes and tanks, making your team having better opportunities to push. Zarya. Zayra's ultimate pair well with roadhog, solider: 76, reapers, and ana's help, and can also make a teammate and herself immortal for a few valuable seconds.

Your least valuable person, (Since he cant really do a 1v3 , 1v4v 1v5, or 1v6 without struggle) is Reinhhardt. he isnt really BAD, but he doesnt do lots of damage, so he can only pick out 1-200 healthed enemies, and can only really start the push unless he's nano boosted.

Please try this out!

Please ana is not the easiest hero to play. She needs to heal her team whilst not being seen and attack on enemies. Whilst switching roles and locations she has to always keep an eye for allies and enemies. She is not like symettra or lucio as she is very different.

Don't snipe, that's not what you're good for. Stay with your team, provide heals to them and much distruption to the enemy team via sleep darts and biotic grenades. Prioritize tanks while healing. think of what you should do in a fight, top up/boost health or Provide damage/anti-healing to the enemy team…


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