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Overwatch has Hanzo to thank for many memes, particularly with Hanzo Mains. More Hanzo = Win Overwatch right? Well…probably for Hanzo Mains it does. These are some things you won’t hear those Hanzo players ever say during gameplay. Sorry in advance to Hanzo players we offend…but not sorry enough that we’re not posting this video 😛

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I literally just watched the junkrat main video, and when I saw this one, I realised half the jokes in this were already used in the junkrat vid. Please think of some original lines before making this kind of video please.

have a illness called "Hanzomainotidis" I told my doctor, and she said it is caused by playing Hanzo in a no limits game. Symptoms include: Torbytitus, t-bagging, tilting, camping and team kills. The cause may also be playing Widowmaker and sitting on the jet in watch point Gibralter. I will need to adjust to my new life as a Hanzo mainhehehe had a fun time writing that.

I personally find this video very funny, since when I am not playing myself (tracer) or another girl in overwatch, I will either be soldier:76 or one of the shimada brothers

Okay first off dude most of these are wrong others are very true.

Like a Hanzo Main will NEVER switch healer: I am a Hanzo Main however I can switch to healer if that's needed beyond all else. Most of the time my team says Hanzo stay Hanzo. Most Hanzo mains will not be like me though, as I carry teams and soldiers on the daily.

Hanzo mains will never admit that a play was good. I will admit that some plays are better than others, however a junkrat rip tire that kills 2 then shoots 4 with his GL and mines is not better than a Penta feed with dragon strike. I know it's more kills however getting a Penta feed while not being assisted by a zarya is much better. I have hit one Penta feed as Hanzo, homever that junkrat play seems to happen a lot.

To any Hanzo mains who don't carry om the daily and have golds and plats wanting to play with you constantly asking you to switch to Hanzo. If you are asked please switch to a different character.

Very rarely will you be a godly Hanzo. However you may be a good Hanzo. I started playing Hanzo Because of Wraxu, I may not be top 500 but I've only played since mid Season 6. I finished season Six with almost 4000 more Elims than deaths. Keep in mind if you are Hanzo Main being a one trick is not the best. Even I will admit that playing two to three characters is better than playing just one.

Also if you know that you are a good Hanzo but are stuck in bronze don't listen to everyone who says that you actually deserve it. I was playing comp with a few gold friends a few days ago and carried against a five stack of golds in comp as a bronze Hanzo. I solo que a lot, so but Normally leave the match with 3-4 friend request on PS4. If you don't believe me then you can look on my channel where I carried a team I'm sure I have one video like that. I will admit that I hit a hell of a lot of lucky shots. I just stay quiet when I hit them because it makes it seem like I mean to hit them more. I know I hit a Mercy in one video with a sonar arrow that was lucky and got me a few more Elims as the mercy was mid alt. However if most Hanzo mains are not interested in helping the team. I can hit constant headshot's which is the only reason that it get away with it. So keep in mind before you decide to install lock Hanzo. Just make sure you can constantly land headshots or don't main Hanzo


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