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I dunno, either this guide become very outdated by now, or you play on a very low ranks (judging by the background videos). Or I don't understand something.
Mei can kill Tracer in one shot, Zen in two shots. And it's not that hard to land those if on the same level. Reaper and Junkrat on the other hand are super easy to counter. Mcree is hard, right. But usually manageable in 1v1 situations.

Thanks so much for this guide, I learned a ton from it. A couple things I wanted to share:
1. When you're talking about Zarya you say to "bait out her shield on her teammate so she'll be vulnerable" or something like that, but she has different cooldowns for her personal shield and teammate shield. I might have misunderstood you though.
2. A really useful tip I learned from a different Tracer guide taught by a top Tracer player is to aim for the neck instead of the head. Seems like it results in more damage than aiming totally at the head.
Again I learned a ton from this, thanks so much for taking the time to put this together.

For an amateur video this is really good. You've got a pretty decent microphone, good editing skills and good tips. The one thing I would say is you slightly lack charisma (which I imagine will come with experience as you get more comfortable speaking on camera). You also talk a little slowly – I sped the video up to 1.25x speed and this fixed that. Might be a personal opinion or others might agree – if so you might want to aim for that ~1.25x speaking speed.

Thanks everyone for 1k views! It might not sound like much but I put a lot into this video to make sure it had as much high level info as possible without needless rambling like a lot of youtubers seem to do. Hopefully my way of explaining things wasn't too complicated, I was really worried that my accent or sentencing wouldn't get my point across properly but I've had no complaints so far

very good guide but you didn't include using recall offensively I've dashed in and dashed out recall back in and dropped my ult on a Reinhardt. a few times and it was pretty satisfying


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