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In this video I point out some bad aiming habits that our hero seems to have on Soldier:76 and answer questions about positioning and angles.

AIMING FUNDAMENTALS VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie5446fSvcY&t=1s

End Song: JJD – Adventure

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Skyline_OW

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/skyline_ow

you missed some of the most important mechanics. Like to keep your crosshair center and head level when walking around. also track your crosshair going around corners. You should always be ready and expect an enemy hero around a corner. Also Drills. You should tell him to go to practice mode and work on drills.

I can't recommend Skyline's aiming fundamentals video enough. I stand by it 100%. It helped me improve my aim by miles of where I was. It would have taken me probably months to get nearly as comfortable with aiming as I am now with just gameplay. If you play a hitscan, or are thinking about it, definitely check out that video.

I would say a big problem are his settings. He has a crosshair that doesn't expand with the spread. Does he even know how badly it spreads after 4-5 bullets? I would say it's a must for soldier to play with an expandable crosshair to know where your spread is at. I think he would realise the bullets are allover the place if he swapped settings.

Will these tips still work on console? Because it is a lot harder to aim on console and sensitivity has no differences from what I can tell. Also the triggers make it harder to burst fire…

To improve aiming. If completely terrible adjust sensitivity lower by 20% of its current not max. Then procceed to next steps. Go into the training room. Find a spot, practice stafe shooting for 1-2 hours with each desired champion. This will get your shot timing down, and adjust your clicking mussle memory. Next move on to the robots that dart in and out of the rooms, practice on killing those for about 8 hours. Idealy this you will be able to kill all bots before they go back into the room. This training will hone in reflexes and reaction time as the bot move slightly random and stop from time to time. I suggest for all training including snipers once you succeed at one angle change to a harder one. with more objects blocking your shots. Do this and your aim will get alot better, and you'll be ready to play quick play.

I really wish this channel would get more views and become a staple in the YouTube Overwatch community, because there are NO other channels that breakdown the game so well and gives such detailed and good advice. Especially since you're a TOP 500 player, it makes me sad to see all these "Masters" getting hundreds of thousands of subs just for regurgitating the same info over and over.

Just gotta say that after watching this and your crosshair placement video, my aim accuracy went up by 20% in one game. Your videos are super helpful and reassuring to a lower ranked player! Thanks, man – keep it up!

There's also bullet fallout which I've never heard being mentioned (angles, this video or aiming video). The further you are on bullet heroes (Soldier, Mccree, some others wiki it idk) the less damage they deal. Being super far back AND spraying on a soldier means you'll deal 0 damage. If you wanna test this, take a mccree and go into practice range, next to the moving bot there's a really far away bot. Test your damage per shot and you'll a huge difference in damage after 30m.

If you are saying you can't hop into game because battlenet is down then why are you making a vid on aiming habits? One would assume you actually show the bad then comparatively show the good or the corrections to it. If battlenet's down and you can't show the good…then don't post the vid that is only half done.


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