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Welcome to my video on the new Overwatch Map, Blizzard World. In this video I take Pharah in search of routes which I might take when I’m playing games. The map in some areas appears to be locked down, but in others, I’ve found some pretty nice routes which I’ll most likely be taking. The map is available on the PTR at this moment in time.


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I know pc is the domain you focus, but got any tips for a console pharah for getting better concussion movement? I seem to be able to get about half what you get out of pharah just wondering if its due to you moving that fast it registers as a speed boost or if its something different 🙂 thanks!

Ps yes i know pc is the master race please be nice 😂

Good to see things like that again. You motivated me to go main phara and I slowly start getting better. Had 123 direct hits on Hanamura. Thank to your guides (and my superior aiming skills of course)


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