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Overwatch Blizzcon 2017 hands on gameplay with Moira, the new hero, and the new Blizzard World map. New Reinhardt animated short. Moira release date: early 2018. Moria PTR: soon. Moria skins, multiple Overwatch skins previewed and abilities overview. Blizzard World release date: early 2018. Moira OPAF? Maybe.

Overwatch gameplay (PC – no commentary) all characters (before Sombra, Ana, and Orisa):

Part 1: Bastion, D. Va, Genji, Hanzo, Junkrat, Lucio, McCree, Mei, Mercy, Pharah. …

i am still amazed over how they hyped up the lootbox thing and it ended up being a joke… and they even failed that joke and didnt even manage to save it they just went like "oh yeah what do you guys think will be in the lootbox?" ending the panel with "oh yeah things got stuck in custom and this is wht it was supposed to be… so yeah bye!" they didnt even open the tiny replacement lootbox (other then the sneakpeek one of them got) so the whole lootbox thing was just a useless waste of time and i'm so glad i didnt sit through that piece of shit live. was a bad move from blizzard to even have this at blizzcon because the original idea wasnt good to begin with.

rhykker! thanks for waving back at that stoplight earlier man! just strolling by with my buddies and all of a sudden i hear your voice in the bg and i'm like, "IS THAT RHYKKER" and they go, "that's not him" but i knew it was you man <3

I really hope the Doc Oc version ends up atleast making it in as a legendary skin as Moira's 1st Phase/Early days suit. Those demonic/science tendrils are like a cross between doc oc and something from Diablo or HP Lovecraft. I dig it a lot. Would've been cool if she could rip people in half with them. Or atleast bots since Blizzard doesn't want Overwatch to be too graphic I guess T: #wastedopportunities


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