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Overwatch Pharah coaching! With season 6 comes nerfs to D.Va and the Mercy rework. Both of these mean Pharah will become more powerful. Pharah tips and advice! Welcome to OverAnalyzed! In this series, we as a community help our fellow players with tips and advice on how to become better players! Good Aim, Bad Positioning t-shirt! http://bit.ly/ulstore

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he missed something at 9:30, he went to go watch the spawns but his team still needed help clearing the point. by the time he came back to the point 2 of his teammates were dead, something he could of stopped.

Sty you expecting people to not trickle in at lower ranks is one of the funniest things ever. This is low ranks, the only way at winning is slowly trickling and taking the point. I feel all you pro overwatch content creators should change the mindset because at lower ranks there is no teamplay mostly, you have to trickle in to win at lower ranks, you win by sheer pressure in lower ranks.

i know this is unrelated and i know ill probably get hated on or taken as a joke for this but please hear me out
sty i really enjoy your videos but as someone with ptsd, i cant help but feel so hurt when i hear you use "triggered" as a joke. ive never spoken up about this due to fear of not being taken seriously but that term is used for very serious subjects concerning traumatic abuse and it sucks so badly that its been turned into a joke because of people who have misused that word in the past
please take my comment into consideration and think about how hurtful it is to use it as a joke or another word for pissed off/annoyed because truly its not what it means at all
i know you have a good heart sty, otherwise you wouldnt have said to report that one guy in the last roadhog over analyzed you did
thank you for reading and i hope i made a little bit of sense

This Pharah is such a putz. Bad positioning, goes in too deep and without team, then complains about Mercy doing her job (which is to heal the entire team, not just you.) If you're a pharah and you need a pocket to do your job, you're not very good at it. Besides which, she followed you in once, and you got her killed. No support is going to keep going on suicide missions with you if you do that.

is this how high diamond useally looks like ? i mean .. ive seen better in gold, plat, yet even silver ….. but well…. the defens round seemed decent.. and that widow holy fuck she bad.-.-

I will never understand how people get ranked so high! Im sorry guy but you had to have been carried to the rank you are at. This is a awesome example of why you should only get sr based on your performance only and not a win or loss or whatever the team does. I would love to hear RAGTAGG rip this guy a new one lol!!!

Hey sty, can you please look at my masteroverwatch stats, i have wanted to make a recording for a long time but i cant because my computer cant handle but just take a look at my stats for season 6 or even 5…


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