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Competitive play has arrived on the PTR of Overwatch!
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The Overwatch Public Test Region is live, and with that a couple of additions to Overwatch will be tested. The main feature that got added to the PTR is Competitive Play. In this vdieo I play my first placement match of Ranked Play and get a Quintuple kill with Junkrat in the second round.

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Btw since I saw you running from the dva deft destruct suit. Reinhardt's shield will take the full force of any one attack with his shield no matter what the strength of it. So in conclusion the shield could have 2 health on it and it will completely shield you and your teammates behind you if there is a dva ulti in front of you. Just something to know 😉

The fact that it shows the "X" after you lose. Does this mean your rank is based ONLY on winning or losing? I think personal skill should be taken into account too, right? Maybe it's hard to factor in accurately, but not winning a game doesn't mean you played bad

dude you played so badly on both reinhardt and jr…you didn't carry shit! you never bounced your shit so it landed BEHIND reinhardt's shield when on jr, you caused your team to lose 3 teamfights on reinhardt, and literally got carried by the team lel oh yah and not to FORGET the REAL play of the game from you: when you walked up to reinhardt at melee range before 2nd check point and died and caused your team to lose all pressure.

It's so fucking dumb that your skill rating is based off wins or losses and not your ya know, actual fucking skill. If I do amazing and get matched up with retards 10 games in a row where does that leave my rank?


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