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I’m streaming some competitive Overwatch tonight with JHub and maybe Choco if I can ever get in touch with him. Going be doing mostly DPS but some tank work as well. JHub will probably play Orisa a lot.

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Jhub isn't trash, he was doing the job of orisa, its just the team didn't need orisa. good players will build around a bad team comp and adapt, their teammates should realize that you can switch too.

Just going to be the guy with an idea. There should be a blooper version of your overwatch playthroughs. I know comedy isn't your thing, but I find it pretty funny the amount of salt you could collect throughout this game from you, Jhub, and the gamers yall play with.

What you all needed to do was acknowledge the situation from a more mutually beneficial angle. Picking on them for their age is wrong, but singling JHub out & blaming him was also wrong. You have to be willing to shift & see what works, to be mad & uncooperative is to invite dysfunctionality.


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