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Junkertown is the new Overwatch map. Junkertown is a fantastic, modern Overwatch map. There are many advanced movement paths on the map. In this video We’ll take a more detailed look at Junkertown, live from the show floor at gamescom! Junkertown is INSANE for flanking!

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As far as I can see, there're at least 3 positions in the first area that can cover the whole area. Plus, there're plenty of rooftops to escape from a flanker. Windowmaker will be amazing on this map.

You know how they could've made D.VA feel more offensively while also played in a strategic way, is to basically make her Mech's guns/cannons do more damage BUT have a OverHeating system since it does have infinite bullets and not only that, many D.VA players just hold down the firing button quite often as if a Junkrat player. But hey that's just a suggestion.

hey Stylosa, I'm 16 years old and my voice doesn't seem to be getting less squeaky. Im scared to go into voice chat in competitive because of how much hate I get. Its not helping my sr. I always have to solo que because i have noone to play with. What do I do?

So… Today I decide to finish my season 5 placement matches ( I got to level 25 like 3 days ago) and I ended up in silver when I wasn't even trying (much). I was playing genji and had no skill with him yet I managed to get a potg or two.


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