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Overwatch Gameplay Pharah – In this series we’ll be giving an introduction with tips and tricks on how to play the heroes of Overwatch. In this episode we’ll focus on the rocket jumping Pharah!
Tracer Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FI0Tk1tPwLE

Hit like if you want to see more and leave a comment to which hero you’d like us to do next.

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This is so simple and obviously targeting a SUPER CASUAL crowd… All shooters be like, press your ultimate button and drop ur keyboard for a triple kill. Compare Pharah to Soldier from TF2. Magazine size 6 to 4. Reloads entire magazine faster than soldier reloads one rocket back inside. Jumps hover in the sky, no efforts taken, soldier skillshot jumps costing good amount of HP.

Sure game is fun and stuff but very silly and made to please anyone who can press the ultimate button.

Would love to see more of this! But at the same time that i really like a more casual approach to a spotlight i wouldn't mind a bit more structure and info about play style, how to counter and so on.


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