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Knowing when to swap heroes while playing Overwatch is critical! Hell, I think it’s the most important skill to learn when it comes to developing yourself as an Overwatch player. Welcome to my Overwatch hero swapping guide.

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I think it's also important for people to look at whether they have or are close to an ult. Too many times I've had games where some just keeps switching so they never get an ult.

I would add "is someone making their purpose in life to directly screw me over?"
I had this play as Reinhardt in solo queue and there was this Tracer constantly harrassing the hell out of me. She'd take every oportunity to jump in, unload on my back and jump away before I could respond. Swapping to D.Va reversed the roles completely.
I'd expect this isn't such a problem when you play as a team…

thanks this is helpful! i play pretty damn well and have been destroying people in quick play but falling short in ranked. i dont think ive been as intuitive and flexible as i needed to be for my teams. (though i will say i think ive been more open to switching than ppl i tend to get set up with -___-) i main junkrat/lucio/symetra on xbl if anyone wants to play

I want you to read the following:

Overwatch is a game about having fun as the developer said, this is not achievable if you always pick the same hero, people want to try different Heroes but if there's 90% of the time a team of only DPS they can't, please try to be a support sometimes or a tank or a defensive hero, like my example, I want to learn who to play genji, but if in every game that I found I have to go support because my team as 2 genjis one phara and two reapers it's not fun anymore l, so please learn who to play different here's so that everyone can play something else, please.

The only downside to this guide (and a lot of the game in general) is that it depends on your team's efficacy. You can change to Reinhardt because your team really needs to push, but if your team doesn't group up and fire through the shield (which is usually always the case when I switch to Reinhardt), you're still going to get mowed down by that Bastion turret, because everyone else trying to flank him. The same can be said of damage or defense/holding a point; if your team isn't going to cover you when you switch to Bastion (unless you find a great unflankable position), or you're the only DPS on the team, you're still going to get owned by a more balanced team.

The sublesson of this guide is: watch your team's composition; if someone switches, they likely did it for a reason (unless they switch every time they die, in which case, they're just playing around).

Totally helps! This guide works so well! We were getting wrecked by a Torbjörn, then I swapped in as a Pharah and destroyed the turret, and then out team came in and took the point no problem.

I like Mercy. I've spent about 80% of my time in this game as Mercy. Sometimes I think to myself "Shouldn't I learn more heroes?" and want to switch. But then I look at my team, see no supports and no tanks… Back to the Mercy it is.

One time while playing Overwatch, we were losing miserably to this team. The enemy team had a great composition of characters and they were holding the point beautifully for most of the round (they were already at 99% by this time). On our team, we had some guy spamming in the chat rude things to us saying that we are bad and that he was carrying the team (which was preposterious). I decided to switch from my character to Reindhart and go head first into the point with his shield which contests the point. I was pelted by rockets from a Pharah, had a discord orb on me from Zenyata, and was pretty sure it was going to be hing noon soon, but managed enough time for my team to show up. Because of this switch, we managed to hold the point from 20% to 100%.This story shows the importance of switching your own character when you really need to instead of staying with a character not as helpful and being rude to the team…

Do you need damage? Answer: No, all 5 of your teammates have already picked Genji, Widowmaker, Reaper, Hanzo and Tracer from the very beginning.

Do you need support? Answer: Yes, but you're already playing the only tank and no one else will switch to a support or a tank.

Welcome to Overwatch.

20 seconds of explaining the first concept, then 3 minutes of rambling about specific switching situations unrelated to the concept at hand. A good and necessary video otherwise, but you need to work on your script. Maybe do more writing beforehand and less improvising during the recording. Love ya! 😀

Too many tanks? we almost lost to a lucio+4 rein team

Untill i changed to tracer and hunted the lucio

Then the enemy (offense) team was forced to change, tho their commitment to the joke was admirable.


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