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Overwatch: Origins Edition

This is the Mei Wall and Tracer Recall Bug. This works only on attack and only on control point maps. I've seen glitch videos like this before and I've seen how it's done.

Wow it would have been more understandable if the enemy team were a six stack that just planned to be trash but the fact that they were just going along with this nonsense seems worse to me

This happens with every game bug gets found they already have a fix, but the whole bug fix patch has to go thru approval status, so they also have another patch comming up with same fix later what they do, instead of hotfixing it right away which takes to long due aproval thingy on console they just get the next content patch aproved with fix and release that instead, it takes so long to get patch aproved that they can't fix things fast enough.
This is why consoles suck, they have more cheaters these days then on PC.


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